Zaragoza en Común es una plataforma ciudadana, un proceso municipalista que se desarrolla sobre la base de una confluencia de personas y organizaciones políticas y sociales, con el fin de conformar una mayoría social que gane la ciudad para la gente. Number of seats: 3 First presented to elections in: 2015

Compostela Aberta is a collective political proposal that, since the beginning of its journey in September 2014, has always been defined as a confluence of political-social interests. Our political work has always stood out for our capability for mixing different political points of view, generosity and an ability to integrate all the sensibilities of popular…

An autonomous instrument aimed at strengthening municipalism, which would be able to contribute to the interconnection among diverse actors and processes involved in producing global changes in our societies (municipalist platforms, commoners, transition operators), as well as unifying the different scopes of such changes.

Image Observatori DESC

The Observatory is a human rights centre that concentrates its efforts on dismantling the devalued perception of social rights – the right to housing, to work, to education, to health, to food – in relation to other fundamental rights such as civil and political rights and patrimonial rights. To this end, the Observatory combines political advocacy with research, the advice and the organization of courses and conferences and strategic litigation. Thus, research and publications are promoted, seminars and trainings are organized and popular demands and struggles are accompanied. All this without losing sight of the importance of networking and participation in social campaigns.

Image Ganemos Jerez

Ganemos Jerez is a municipalist project in which the people of Jerez have decided to enter our City Hall and put it at the service of the citizens. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We have run for municipal elections both in 2015 and 2019. We continue to believe in the compatibility and the need to use both the path of direct political and citizen action in the heart of society, in all its areas, as well as the electoral and institutional path.

Image Vila-seca en Comú

Vila-seca en Comú is a citizen platform formed by political parties and independent citizens with an electoral purpose. We operate on a local scale, we are assembly-based and open to all citizen participation.

Image La Hidra Cooperativa

La Hidra Cooperativa is a political organization that focuses its work on urban transformation, with the objective of joining the group of professional and social practices that want to guarantee the right to the city. Our action is based on three services that we offer to public, community or private entities: research, consulting and training. Through our work, we aim to produce practical knowledge to intervene in three strategic areas: urban economy, common goods and peripheries. The work in these areas forms a critique of urban political economy, i.e. tools, data and knowledge to identify the origins of urban inequalities and to propose alternatives.

Image Comú de Lleida

Comú de Lleida is a confluence of people organized for interveniening in municipal politics in the city of Lleida, through electoral representation, under the basic principles of common good, participation and transparency. Born in as a citizen initative for creating a confluence of people from diferent political parties and mobilized citizens, that would romote citizen participation in the city’s politics. beyond ideological labels to promote a transformation of the municipal government, defending shared goals that would improve the city’s administration and management of common affairs, for the common good of the people of Lleida.

MÉS-Estimam Palma is a grassroots organisation with the common goal of working to build more livable, more creative neighborhoods and towns , more inclusive and more democratic, and inspired by the values ​​of the left, sovereignty, environmentalism and feminism.

Image Qué Hervás Quieres

QHQ is a citizens’ collective with the common goal of building an alternative project of participation in the municipality of Hervás. We are not a political party but organized citizens who will use the elections as a tool for socio-political change of the people.