The Municipalist School was set up as with the aim of creating a space for self-training and knowledge exchange based on different experiences of municipalism throughout Europe. In the complex heterogeneity of its forms, the municipalist perspective attributes a crucial role to the direct and collective action of citizens in order to tackle some of the contemporary challenges that our cities are facing: housing speculation, socio-economic and gender inequalities, climate change, health protection, radical democracy, and much more. Thanks to the creativity and political innovation that these experiences have demonstrated in the past years, new possibilities and new tools are emerging to rethink urban space and transform the political horizon by focusing on social rights, wellbeing and the commons.


Skill-sharing sessions 2023

Skill sharing is a way to have knowledge traditionally held in silos be further promoted, while getting to know other people in the field and learning in our processes of network organising

Sessions 2021

The programme consisted of four online meetings of one and a half hours each, which took place on Thursdays between 11 May and 4 June 2021