This project aims to map the current state of the European municipalist movement identifying established and emerging municipalist initiatives in different parts of Europe. The collective cartographic process developed an analytical rationale to offer a multi-dimensional understanding of each organisation’s values and practices.

The outcomes – an online archive, graphic representation and a set of reports on different territories – provide information about the municipalist actors’ goals and activities and an image of the European municipalist ecosystem.

The Map

All the map data is available through an API. Click on the following button.

Territorial descriptions

As we can see in the EMN online map, municipalist initiatives are unevenly distributed through the continent with – perhaps unsurprisingly – a clear concentration of social and institutional actors in South and East Europe. At the same time, the collective mapping process has shown the heterogeneity, but also the common aspects, of the terrains in which local municipalist initiatives are developed.

In these territorial analyses, EMN contributors and collaborators – based in Italy, Croatia, France, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Spain, the UK and the US – have accepted the task to explain the state of the art of the municipalist movements. They look at the opportunities and challenges the municipalist actors (and proto actors) face.

A final report on the Ecosystem represented in the different visualisations aims to analyse the primary practices and backgrounds of the actors represented in the online archive by examining the map’s contents and advancing strategic lines for developing and strengthening the municipalist ecosystem on the continent.