We want to share why we think feminism is necessary for collective organising, how our movements can care more about their peers, how we can change the way we build our relationships, what resources we can use and where are organisations and people who are feminising politics in their cities, communities and organisations.
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What is the Feministization of Politics all about?


Do political organizations take care about care?


How to reach the means for feminist objectives?


What building power in a feminist way means?


A MOOC on Feministisation

How can we make our organisations more democratic? How can we make our work and activism more inclusive in practice? How can we, as activists, practitioners, educators, citizens, members of different movements and organisations, ensure that we implement feminist values at work and in our everyday lives? In 2018, a group of municipalist activists from…

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Feministisation of Politics Full Report

Feministisation of Politics Full ReportDownload Radical democracy is key in any area of activism, from fighting climate change to defending social rights or implementing a more diverse economy. It puts decisions in the hands of those directly affected by them and, in general, are excluded from the decision-making process. In this context, feminising politics emerges…

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The Feministization of Politics collective (FoP) is a Europe-wide alliance of non-male persons active in different European municipalist movements and organisations working in education and research-action (mainly in Madrid, Belgrad, Naples, Zagreb, Valencia and France). These municipalist actors are grounded on a practice of collaboration and aggregation of different actors at the local level. They aim to transform the institutional structures according to values and purposes such as self-government and local scale autonomy; social rights (or justice); (radical) democracy and participatory procedures; de-commodification of life; feminist, ecological and decolonial principles. Within this context, the FoP collective aims to promote feministization as a precondition for radical democracy, along with ten axes: Empowerment, Diversity, Structures, Resources, Concepts and Use of Language, Cooperation, Proximity to the Community, Equal Representation, Care, Power Relationship.


The first phase of the project took place in 2018-2019 thanks to a #Rethink grant awarded by the participatory fund FundAction. FoP focused on the way the feminisation of politics shapes our movements and organisations: how it is addressed within the movement, the challenges of implementing feminist practices within the organisation and of introducing feminist principles among members, the need to integrate feminist principles into internal structures and organisations, activities of the movements and the policies the movements advocate and implement. At the same time, it analysed, from the own organisations and practices, the correlation between movement’s policies and practices, the efforts on the individual and movements level and of movements’ feministization efforts. Finally, it identified concrete measures to address the theoretical principles. We are currently developing a second phase within the EMN project to deepen the knowledge and further disseminate these tools.