Social movements use mapping and cartographic projects to both re-present and re-create the territories they inhabit and seek to transform. As part of the cartographic project carried out by the European Municipalist Network, Ana Méndez de Andés coordinated a presentation of mapping projects that provide a framework for the EMN mapping process.

One of such projects is the first critical cartography of the networks crossing the Gibraltar Strait – created in 2004 by Hackitectura with the Indymedia Estrecho node. The collection of counter-cartographies presented in This is not an Atlas – edited by Orangotango – shows maps’ potential as collaborative processes to explore the configuration of conflicts and struggles, strengths and potentials. More specifically, in the context of municipalism, Labor-k has proposed a reflection on the role of Critical Mpping in Municipalist Movements.

Speakers presentations

José Pérez de Lama (Hackitectura)

Severin Halder (Kollektiv orangotango)

Natasha Aruri (Labor K – TU Berlin)