Image Rinascita per Cinquefrondi

Political-cultural association engaged in the social and cultural revaluation of the town.

A Common Good among the many in Naples, freed from 20 years of decay and abandonment by the collective Bancarotta 2.0. We have been working in our neighborhood for years in harmony with other organizations and individuals for the promotion of initiatives and the establishment of a Popular Observatory on urban regeneration.

We operate locally in the city of Genoa (and region of Liguria). We define ourselves as a social and cultural progressive non-profit organisation, that takes care of politics. We aim at changing the political culture of the progressive parties and organisations on our city and therefore influence the political culture and agenda of the city. We act along three lines—the centre for studies and the school for politics and activism, social and political mobilisations, and community organising.

Mutual Aid Laboratory- Our After School Beyond School has been our main intervention for years, focusing on the new generations means building the future humanity of this city. In a society that increasingly marginalizes, which cuts welfare continuously, we have organized together to resist the crisis.

Image L'asilo

Open community of entertainment, art and culture workers in self-governing.

Image Coalizione Civica Padova

“Coalizione Civica per Padova” was born in the autumn of 2016, shortly before the fall of the right-wing government led by Massimo Bitonci, through a call to the city. The call invited all the political opposition forces to start a single path towards the administrative elections. The call aimed to be able to go beyond individual identities, intercepting social energies that were fragmented at the time. A new way of doing politics had to be found.

Local political association and electoral platform, founded in 2013 to give the citizens the opportunity to vote candidates from a left party that focuses its acting on local issues. It aims to empower the sense of community in order to change the city and the life of the people who live in it. To foster social rights and social justice, we need to undermine the global financial interests on the territory and the real estate speculations, developing participated processes in the management of common material and immaterial goods.

Reggio Emilia in the Municipality is the path, open to all citizens, to create a new form of social and political representation.

Image Cambiamo Messina dal Basso

CMdB is a movement that does not aim at mere political representation or at the formation of yet another hierarchical group: its goal is above all the creation of new institutions of democratic participation within which all the inhabitants of the places have the opportunity to develop an awareness civic and to translate it into participation in collective decisions, according to a model of self-government democracy.

Image Una Città in Comune

Active citizenship list of left-wing.