Community economies: Auto-organized savings groups and credit associations

An audio presentation by
Ginelle Skerritt.

Ginelle Skerritt

Ginelle Skerritt featured in ‘The banker ladies’, a documentary that provides insights into the crucial role that savings groups and credit associations can play in women’s lives as they provide for their families and themselves. Filmed in Toronto, the documentary introduces us to three ‘banker ladies,’ Mabinty Bangura, Asha Mohamed and Ginelle Skerritt. She is a Senior Leader, International public speaker, moderator, facilitator, trainer and coach; a broad range of experiences including administration, social enterprise development, fundraising, youth development, anti-racism, diversity and inclusion training, organizational development, communications, economic inclusion. Published author and leader on the topic of traditional savings and credit associations, ROSCAs and collective economic development solutions.

Spaces as Resources

An interview to
Michela Cicculli.

Michela Cicculli

We interviewed Michela Cicculli to know more about spaces as resources. Michela is councillor in the government of the VIII district of the city of Rome and an activist in the space Lucha y Siesta, reappropriated from the bottom-up as a temporary housing place for people who survived to violence. Lucha y Siesta is also managed as a commons hosting social, political and cultural initiatives.

Time as a Resource

An audio presentation by
Chiara and Anna Lisa.

Chiara Porretta
Annalisa Pecoriello

Chiara and Anna Lisa are activists in the Italian Rete Nazionale dei Beni Comuni Emergenti e a Uso Civico (National Network of Emerging and Civic Use Commons), a network joining together experiences of reappropriated and self-managed spaces all around Italy. The Network is a platform of exchange of knowledge and tools and a way to organise shared advocacy to recognise commons. With the Network, we discussed what impact was generated in terms of awareness and reflection by putting feminisation of politics on the agenda in national meetings.