Electoral feminist challenges

An audio presentation by
Mónica Tapia.

Mónica Tapia

Mónica Tapia is co-founder of Aúna, a platform that promotes new political representations with women’s leadership to achieve more remarkable results in welfare, justice and environmental protection: “It’s not just women, but It’s women with an agenda of political transformations”. In this podcast, she talks about the need to include the feminist perspective into government, elections and campaigns, a particular leadership style about collaboration and the current situation after the last elections in Mexico.

Historical municipalism and feminist challenges

An audio presentation by
Hilary Wainwright.

Hilary Wainwright

Hilary Wainwright is a historical socialist feminist. She’s been acting on the women’s movement since 1970 when the movement first begin in the UK.

In this podcast, Hilary remembers the heritage and the lessons of the women’s movement and explains that the presence of women in politics is a necessary condition but not a sufficient condition. It means an entirely different approach to power, which is a crucial issue: “Feminism share leadership and share power and that is a principle that many young socialist today are taking it seriously.”

Feminist politics & policies at the local scale

An audio presentation by
Luisa Broto.

Luisa Broto

In this podcast, Luisa Broto remembers the victory of the municipalist political movement Zaragoza en Común in 2015, where she was in charge of Social Rights within the Mayor’s Office. She talks about the challenges involved in taking power, about everything that was achieved and everything that was not. Finally, she talks about the renunciations they made of feminist policies and practices because they were not compatible with how the institutions are designed: “Politics is made for men, single, in their 40s and without family or much of a social life”.