Rede para o Decrescimento (Network for Degrowth) is an open, collaborative, horizontal, non-partisan, and non-legal collective. Launched in 2018, it aims to connect all those interested in, studying, practicing or defending degrowth proposals. On a planet of limited resources, it becomes imperative to reduce levels of production and consumption, the Network for Degrowth calls for individual changes, collective experiences, resisting, developing political projects, and thinking about different futures.


Until mid-2020, the Network's activities were boosted by two centers, one in Lisbon and the other in Porto. Our current structure and way of functioning are outlined in an Internal Organic model approved in January 2021, which is intended to be dynamic and alive, in permanent experimentation and evolution.

The people who make up the nodes of the Network remain connected through joint and continuous actions, individual and collective learning, and mutual reinforcement, which are implemented through Local Nuclei (which develop dynamics anchored in the territory) and Circles (groups thematic workgroups or with specific functions - eg .internal management or communication).


Our purposes are to strengthen the capacity for transformative action at a personal and collective level (at a local, regional, national or global level); intervene socially and politically, with public positions; to disseminate ideas, values and decreasing proposals; create spaces for reflection and action, strengthening interpersonal relationships and the spirit of community; to develop mutual aid and collaboration networks with similar movements (national and/or international). We also implement consensus as a decision-making criterion.


We organize webinars, action days and conferences on topics such as democracy, commons and right to the city, environmental justice, new economic forms, human dignity and gender justice. We operate under a consensus decision-making process.